Are Kalimbahin Products and Essential Oils safe?

Is essential oils safe for Babies?
It is generally safe for babies. However, there are rare cases of allergies so please consult your doctor before using.

Where do essential oils come from?
The short answer is, essential oils come from plants. Essential oils are an oil which has typically been distilled—usually using steam or water—from the bark, leaves, flower, roots, or other parts of the plant. These are highly concentrated oils that contain both the aromatic and chemical properties of the plant.

When do essential oils expire?
Most of your essential will be good for up to 3 years if stored properly. They need to be kept cool, and the lid should always be tightly sealed.The takeaway here is to keep your oils in a cool place. Don’t put oils in the freezer.

What carrier oil is used in the blends?
We use Bliscofa Virgin Coconut Oil as the carrier in all of our blends.

Are Kalimbahin Products safe to use during pregnancy?
Our product is made of 100% natural infredients. The Virigin Coconut Oil and Essential Oils in our product is gentle enough to use. But however, the scent might be too overwhelming for you to use. For clarifications, we encourage you to consult your doctor more about it.

Is it safe to take essential oils internally?
We don’t encourage our users to take essential oils internally. Something that is safe for one person may not be safe for another due to things like allergies, sensitivities, or contraindicated health issues.

Can I put essential oils directly on my body?
Yes, essential oils offer a natural immune boost, as well as heal and balance the body. You can apply them to the skin in a variety of ways.

Can I use essential oils in my house without a diffuser?
You can! There are great ways to use oils without a diffuser — check out 7 of my favorite ideas for using essential oils without a diffuser.