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What do I need to know about Essential Oils?

What do I need to know about Essential Oils? In this fast-paced world, the health and beauty wellness industry has been recently growing. Most of the end-users of these products are Millennials.  Most of the Millenials are not familiar with essential oils and stuff. But what are Essential Oils? It’s somewhat new to our ears, but little did we know Essential Oils have been existing way back the Egyptian Era. 

The use of plant-based products has been recorded as far back as 3000 BCE with the Egyptians, who used plant extracts for a myriad of purposes. They used them for beauty treatments, food preparations, burial rituals, and in religious ceremonies. However, the quality of life has been improving the way they use and modify these natural products. As the rise of the health and beauty wellness industry, turns out to be putting the natural beauty and essential oils in the spotlight for their perceived lack of chemicals. 

Essential oils are not vital to humans, as their name might suggest. They’re compounds extracted from plants through distillation or cold-pressing process that captures the plant’s “essential” scent and flavor. The way the oils are made is important, as essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. There are more than 90 types of essential oils, each with its unique smell and potential health benefits.

Essential oils are most commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy, in which they are inhaled through various methods. But they are not intended for internal use. Essential oils can be inhaled or diluted and applied to the skin. They may stimulate your sense of smell or have medicinal effects when absorbed. Now, we know Essential Oils are safe to use, as long as you don’t intend to use it internally. 

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Your Healing Natural Remedy

The use of Coconut Oils and Essential Oils has a complicated nutritional backstory. These two oils has been claimed by everyone to be safe and effective when it comes to looking for natural remedies. Coconut Oils has been a respected staple ingredient in beauty products made and used by communities all around the world, and pharmaceutical products. Little did everyone know about Virgin Coconut Oils and Essential Oils has numerous health and skin benefits as well .

There are so many benefits and uses of Virgin Coconut Oils and Essential Oils. To name a few, Coconut Oils can be used as a natural skin moisturizer and sunblock. Applying a coconut extract to human skin may enhance its protective barrier functions and have an anti-inflammatory effect. What goes onto our skin is readily absorbed into our bloodstream, so it’s time we paid heed to what you’re slathering on your face and body. The ingredients in these oils are made from natural ingredients that your skin is able to absorb so it is safe and effective to use. Virgin Coconut Oils is actually good for those who want to lose weight and reduce belly fat. They can also be used as an effective make-up remover and stress reliever.

How about Essential Oils?
Wherever we are, whether at home, school or at work we often experience these common ailments such as headache, anxiety, insomnia and more. Most of those who experienced this ailments would tend to opt buy and drink medicines. Alternatively, Essential Oils can provide relief very quickly. Essential Oils can be Inhaled and Ingested. But we encourage you to apply have it inhaled. If you are planning to ingest an essential oil you can seek advice from a medical expert according it. If you plan to use essential oils by inhaling it, that’s when the Aromatheraphy comes into place. Oils can be smelled directly from the bottle, or added to a hot compress and applied to a certain part of the body. A drop or two can be applied to a handkerchief, put on a pillow, added in a bath, used in a diffuser or added to a bowl of hot water. Depending on the type of oil used, it can help deodorize, reduce stress, boost the immune system or induce sleep.

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Buying Local Products – What’s in it for me?

When we buy local products, we build that satisfying feeling of buying something that has been grown and created locally. Buying Locally produced products is better for your health. When you buy locally produced products you are helping to save the environment. When we buy local foods, we support local farmers and our local economy. This gives those with farms and pastures a reason to stay undeveloped. If we support our local products we are promoting their business and products.

But the point is why should we support and buy locally produced products? It is because we are Filipinos. We should love our own products. Supporting locally made products from the Philippines helps us remember our culture and our identity as Filipinos. When we buy local products, we ensure the small businesses and medium enterprises in our place by giving them the chance to be known and survive in the business industry. It actually creates a domino effect once we buy local products. It does not only benefit yourself, but also it could ignite into something worthwhile where it can create jobs. Local businesses are a source of income to many communities especially those in need. By supporting Filipino products, your money directly goes to them and puts food on a family’s table, instead of to the pockets of multinational companies.

Everyday we make choices. In effect, these choices can greatly affect our environment and the locality in which we live in. Buying Local products does really matter. You were given with that choice to choose, to make living a better life in the future for yourself and for every Filipinos.

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Why use Natural Products?

What’s the thing about using natural? Everything that we have and use has its own good and bad sides, so as the products which serve numerous benefits to our skin. It is true that some of these products are helpful in attaining beauty and charm, but it is also true that there are many side effects that may result with the regular use of these things. The biggest among these downside is the skin and health problems that may also result in cancer. Why use Natural Products?

Could there be any remedies for these? Of course. That’s when our Natural products comes into the picture. If you care about your general well-being you should choose products that are natural or organic when possible.  Since, the ingredients are coming from nature and are therefore purer; there is smaller risk of allergies, skin irritations or any other reactions that might harm you. 

Why don’t you try and go make a difference in a day? Try to see and make the changes by using all natural products each and every single day. You start feeling healthier, cleaner and happier because you’re no longer at the mercy of your products. You choose. The alterations and pressures fade as a part of your personality, and become a supplement to the extraordinary, and remarkable beauty that lies within. 

By choosing natural and organic products you can impact positively, not only to your own health and well-being, but also the well-being of the whole environment and your loved ones.