About Us

Kalimbahin is about promoting all-natural wellness, relaxation and comfort by using natural products from our local suppliers. Our warm and expressive outlook is the hallmark of this brand. Through our social interaction with the consumers, we tend to create sensory experience for them. We thrive to capture an optimistic goal for our local products to compete globally. Kalimbahin aims to support our local products while helping alleviate the marginalized local farmers in their livelihood.

Our brand fascinates with these four Pillars.

  • To woo with wow, a standard experience won’t cut it. By looking to our products itself, we surely leave the impression that they will not forget. Our company seeks to provoke an emotional response that captivates our customer.
  • When we talk about senses – Sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch comes into the picture. These are essential to create a relationship with the customer. Stimulating the five senses heightens the brand experience, making it more intensely fascinating.
  • Lust fascinates through experience: our appetites and passions of sight, sound, taste, touch, and scent. We anticipate what it might be like to fulfill a craving, and that anticipation pulls us closer. That’s why we created our product where our customers will come back for more. Aromatherapy works with two very important senses, our sense of smell and our sense of touch. We call them “the senses of the heart” because we react to what we smell and what we touch with our emotions, more than with our logic.

Even with no sense of smell, the loving application of diluted essential oils into the skin, through massage, will produce a positive effect on the person.